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Restaurant Management

Home We Offer Restaurant Management

pelagrainOur Restaurant Management System is the crucial technology components that enable a single outlet or enterprise to better serve its customers and aid employees with food. The software we provide helps you to order and pay for food. The owners can easily manage sales order list and it helps to create a sales invoice list.

This software helps the restaurant owners to keep their customer details effectively that avoids the traditional use of papers. It includes a good order management system through this the owners can keep different categories of items and variety of items present in each category. The owners can frequently update each item details such as price, quantity available etc. The customer can view these items and makes order, then they can view the grand total price of items they ordered. The ordered items can be view by the cooks in kitchen and they makes the ordered items and deliver. After the delivery of items they close the order and the bill generates automatically.

The system also include the features such as store and manage the employee details of restaurant, keep the details of different departments in the restaurant, and manage other general details like unit of item delivery, tax, discounts, payment methods etc.


  • Customer Details
  • Order
  • Order List
  • Invoice List
  • Payment Methods

  • Product Details
  • Category

  • Employee Details
  • Designation
  • Department
General Rules

  • Unit
  • Discount
  • Tax
Control Panel

  • Settings
  • Users
  • Preference
  • Select Theme

Opticalshop Management

Home We Offer Opticalshop Management

pelagrainOptical Shop Management Software provides the backbone and organization for your optical shop. It was designed specifically to allow opticians to manage sales, purchase, stock, and other general functions regarding optical shop. Our optical shop software provides detailed reports and summaries of your inventory on hand and dispensed. It helps you track the status of your jobs.

optical shop arch

  • Customer Details
  • Order
  • Sales Details
  • Return
  • Receipt

  • Vendor
  • Order
  • Purchase Details
  • Return
  • Payments

  • Stock Management
  • Stock Transfer
  • Store Details
  • Item Details
  • Manufacturer Details
General Rules

  • Item Expiry Rule
  • Payment Terms
  • Reorder Rule
  • Item Details
  • Tax

Pharmacy Management

Home We Offer Pharmacy Management

pelagrainThe PHARMACY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is the easy to learn / easy to use software package, ideally suited for managing Pharmacy Sales, Pharmacy Purchase, Pharmacy Stock, Pharmacy General Rules, and Organization details. This Software is designed to be complete, flexible and easily adaptable for your pharmacy’s needs. Highly secure, the modules are tightly integrated for speed and ease of use.

pharmacy arch

  • Customer Details
  • Order
  • Sales Details
  • Return
  • Receipt

  • Vendor
  • Order
  • Purchase Details
  • Return
  • Payments

  • Stock Management
  • Stock Transfer
  • Store Details
  • Item Details
  • Manufacturer Details
General Rules

  • Item Expiry Rule
  • Payment Terms
  • Reorder Rule
  • Item Details
  • Tax

PelaGrain Hospital Management

Home We Offer PelaGrain Hospital Management

pelagrainPelagrain, is a Hospital Management System extending to the requirement of Large and Corporate Hospitals and Medical Colleges. Pelagrain  is an integrated  application, supporting multiple locations, which completely automates and integrates the Hospital’s entire business process catering to specific Administrative, Support, Clinical and Financial departments in the Hospital


  • Registration
  • Out Patient
  • Out Patient Schedules
  • Appointments
  • Patient Medical Records
  • Hospital Billing
  • Visit History


  • Pharmacy Sales
    • Customer
    • Sales
    • Return
    • Receipts
  • Pharmacy Purchase
    • Vendor
    • Puchase
    • Return
    • Payments
  • Pharmacy Stock
    • Category
    • Item
    • Manufacturer
    • Stock manager
    • Stock Transfer
    • Expiry
    • Reorder Rule
    • Invoice settings
  • General Rules
    • Discount
    • Measure
    • Store
    • Shipment
    • Pay Terms
  • Reports

  • My Patients
    • Patient Details
    • Diagnosis
    • Prescriptions
    • Test & Procedures


  • Organization Details
  • Designations
  • Employee Types
  • Employee
  • Financial Year
  • Currency
  • Roles
  • Control Panel
Hospital Settings

  • Patient Category
  • Discount
  • Building
  • Department
  • Floor Settings
  • Id Proof
  • Procedures
  • Procedure Category
  • Schemes
  • Reports

BeachComber Smart Business Solution Software

Home We Offer BeachComber Smart Business Solution Software

BeachComber a comprehensive invoicing and inventory management software streamline your business management process with powerful report management of financial billing schedules, company records, stock status, inventory system, customer and vendor records comes with extensive reporting tools  on single platform. Inventory tracking software provides simplest way to track the daily transactions of the company. Inventory control software is the best solution to gather and analyze the financial information of the company.


  • Invoices
  • Invoice Return
  • Vouchers
  • Collections
  • Estimates
  • Estimate Collections

  • Invoices
  • Invoice Return
  • Vouchers
  • Collections
  • Estimates
  • Estimate Collections
Stock Monitor

  • Stock Adjustments
  • Stock Transfer OutFlow
  • Damaged Stock


  • Staff Information
  • Salary Information
  • Marketting Information
General Settings

  • Bank Accounts
  • Shop Accounts
  • Suplier Accounts
  • Vehicle
  • Routes – Routes Entry
  • Routes – Routes settings
  • Routes – Route Shop Entry
  • Catagory
  • Group
General Entries

  • Item Entry
  • Cheque Entry
  • Cheque Intimation Entry
  • Service Details
  • Bank Statement
  • Scheme Information

  • Account creation
  • Primary Account Group Creation
  • Journal Book
  • Ledger Book
  • Trading and Profit and Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Ledger Summery

  • Sales collection Report
  • Stock value Report
  • Item wise sales
  • Salary Report
  • Purchase Payment
  • Bank statement Report
  • Sales Estimate Report
  • Purchase Estimate Report
  • Groupwise Report

GreySlick School Management

Home We Offer GreySlick School Management

 GreySlick , the School Management Software has been built using the latest technology, it  automates a school’s  diverse operations such as  System Administration and Management, Records and Profiles Management, Timetable Generation and Updates, Substitute Management, Fee Management, Attendance Management, Exam Management, Grades Management, Library Management, Admission system, Report generations etc . In the Web part , Online Content Management and report generations are  inculded.  In addition to these features the system maintains  numerous useful features such as school calendar, events, notice board, polls, forums, profile search etc.

It will help you to:
• Automate Registration & Admission
• Manage Student Information Efficiently
• Automated Time Table Generation with a number of options
• Transport Maintenance Management
• Trace Students & Staff Attendance
• Library Management
• Staff Salary Generation & expenses Management
• Automated Examination Management System
• Analyze the Performance of a class
• Manage your own Security
• Countless MIS Reports Generation
• manage the store details
• keep the fees details of the students
• Analyze the Accounts of the system
• Store the promotion details


  • Admission details
  • Admission details search
  • Roll No assignment
  • Class strength report
  • Student List generation
  • Student Id card generation
  • School full view


  • Students current details
  • Promotion List preparation

  • Staff entry
  • Staff attendance
  • Staff loan entry
  • Salary entry
  • Loan Report
  • Loan paid report
  • Class staff list report
  • Staff attendance report
  • Yearly salary list
  • Monthly salary list
  • Salary list

  • Sales
  • Sales return details
  • Purchase details
  • Purchase return details
  • Supplier Information
  • Category
  • Items
  • Kit generation
  • Sales search
  • Purchase search
  • Sales report
  • Purchase Report
General Reports

  • Service certificate
  • Militory certificates
  • IncomeTax certificate
  • Admission Registration ECS certificate
  • Salary certificate
  • Conduct certificate
  • Transfer certificate

  • Add/search books
  • Book issue details
  • All books report
  • Book student report
General settings

  • Academic year settings
  • Subjects settings
  • Teacher allocation

  • Exam mark entry
  • View mark list
  • Progress Report
  • Students full view

  • Main access
  • Promotion
  • Day close
  • Data Synchronization

  • Fee category
  • Collection
  • Collection search
  • Due report
  • Concession
  • Student fee collection history

  • Student attendance register
  • Student attendance report

  • Inventory Details

  • Bus info
  • Bus routes
  • Bus details report